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Turkey’s integration in the European Union

by on October 25, 2013

The first candidature of Turkey was in 1987,at first the European Union decided not to refuse it in December 1989 to 1993.But,under the pressure of the United states. The European Union decided not to be a custom union, only a few things have been done in favour of the entry of Turkey. Turkey has made many efforts in order to respect human rights for example, Turkey has abolished the death penalty but there is still many more things to be done .After the second World war, the country was important in the military complex against the extension of USSR to the South. This country was the key point by the USA but after the end of the Cold War, Turkey seemed to be of no importance.

Currently with the new threat in the region, the entrance of Turkey in the European Union could be important for a political stability between Europe and the Middle East. In addition it would create a diplomatic and economic bridge between these spaces. It is the only chance or one of the best opportunities for Europe to get to know more and more about Islam and how to connect with the Middle East and Europe.

While European populations are ageing rapidly, Turkey’s is growing and dynamic. Such a workforce will be regarded as essential for the bloc’s economic feasibility in 25 to 50 years. Even nowadays, the strategic and symbolic importance of accepting Turkey is a bridge between the Middle Eastern, Muslim world and the West will to some extent create the exact international influence the EU is seeking as a counter- balance to the United States. Turkey as a major player in that region and a democratic country with a majority of Muslim population rightly deserves its unique place as a bridge between the West and the East.

The question is not Turkey’s ascension to Europe, diplomacy should look well beyond that short sight. Since 1923, under the guidance of Ataturk, Turkey has been following the ideals of modern world and confirmed her place in Europe. The significance of Turkey’s integration is well beyond Europe itself. It is the only if not one of the most certain way to establish peace, democracy, tolerance and consolidate the diplomatic canal existing in that region if they were to be accepted.


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  1. Magnus permalink

    Even as diplomacy is getting more interesting and engaging to the degree that women in rural villages have become well informed, your dynamic analysis makes it further interesting and educating. I draw my conclusion from your point “Although Turkey seems to be no importance however, recent account reveals her position could undoubtedly be a political stability middling between Europe and Arab world. Therefore Turkey could be described as a potential woman waiting for marriage vow exchange. Well done, I have learnt a lot from your ‘’must know” analysis. Brilliant work.

  2. I agree with you when you argue that the EU has refused to integrate Turkey partly because the vast majority of the population is Muslim.However,there’s another factor which you have touched upon but not develope that is the fast growing Turkish population,this means big number of seats in the Eu parliament and as a result more influence.

  3. hamzabodleh permalink

    It is clear the presence of turkey is needed in NATO and as a link between Europe and the Middle East, however do the Europeans want the Turks? The Turks could eat croissants for breakfast, spaghetti bolognesse for dinner and Haagen daaz for desert FOR LIFE and it would not make them acceptable to the E.U. if the E.U really wanted them they would not put their application on hold while Eastern Europeans states are being accepted by the crowds.

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